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Stress Reduction

Learn how to let go of stress and anxiety.

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    Take steps to reduce your stress:

    • Identify symptoms of burnout and overload
    • Identify the sources of stress in your work life
    • Change behaviours which add to stress
    • Make changes to situations that can be influenced
    • Develop positive responses to situations that can not be changed
    • Develop strategies to prevent feeling overwhelmed


    Our Stress Reduction program will help you identify sources of stress and develop healthy and effective ways to better manage your stress.

    Session Topic Duration
    1 Identify the major areas of stress in your life 60 min
    2 Learn about effective ways manage your stress (behavioural and cognitive strategies) – set specific goals to help manage stress 60 min
    3 Cognitive Coping strategies – learn more effective way of thinking about your stress 60 min
    4 Follow-up & consolidate gains 60 min

    B&C Health, Our apporach

    Learn more about our approach

    Learn more about our approach

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