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We have one simple and straightforward mission; to help people make substantial and lasting changes in their lives. It goes without saying that we aim to provide the highest quality services, using only proven and effective strategies. We use cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), to help people understand and find solutions to their current challenges. Although treatment length can vary, CBT is seen as a time limited intervention and most difficulties can be addressed in 8 to 16 sessions. Of course, some presenting issues would require fewer than 8 sessions. All of our services are provided directly by only doctoral level psychologists.


I would like to get started, what happens next? The first step is to contact us to learn about the fees and schedule your first appointment. During your first appointment your psychologist will ask you questions about your history and what prompted you to seek services. From there a treatment plan will be clearly laid out, which can vary depending on the presenting issues.


We hope to make the process of finding, choosing and starting to work with a psychologist easier. We feel a responsibility to provide education to the public about the role and value of psychologists and psychological interventions. We know that psychologists can help people overcome a myriad of life challenges, but feel that such services are underutilized. Whether it is historical stigma associated with seeing a psychologist or a simple lack of understanding about what a psychologist is and what one does, we hope that we can provide information necessary to clear up misconceptions. We have also begun streamlining some of our services into “packages” to improve clarity about what to expect when using our services. Hopefully, this will make it less daunting for people to get started!

Please contact us if you have any questions about us or our services, we would be happy to speak to you!

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