Danielle Uy

Danielle Uy is completing her doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at X University (also known as Ryerson University; see article for reason for renaming). She obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in 2020.

Danielle is a part of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Lab where she studies perfectionism and anxiety-related disorders. For her doctoral dissertation, she hopes to study the relationship between perfectionism and problematic online gaming. With respect to clinical experience, Danielle has received training at St. Michael’s Hospital and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. There, she offered treatment and assessment services to individuals experiencing a variety of presenting concerns including but not limited to depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety, OCD, and body-focused repetitive behaviours.

Danielle primarily operates within a Cognitive-Behavioural framework, although she also has experience delivering and integrating techniques pulled from Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment, and Dialectical Behaviour therapies.

Danielle is a first-generation immigrant , daughter, sibling, friend, colleague, and peer. She values the bond created between people, and is in a lifelong journey of cultural humility and learning. Danielle hopes to create a professional environment where her clients feel warm, open, and safe.


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